In the Park! Ave C and East 9th Street

A soft spring day


against your bleak winter

I sat waiting for months!

to attend this metamorphosis

into adulthood

into summer


to watch light

flutter off the tip

of this writing tool

as I pay homage to you–





Double meanings

and several tries

to make the transformation ONLY


but it’s yours too!

It’s everyone’s!

And I overhear the workers say,

“I can’t wait for them to bloom!”

and I think:

Me too, buddy, me tooooooo.

Swollen Belly

Blue yoga mat

Crooked back

slow bearded men

create and break

down the East Village garden.

Faint spring leaves fall

on my lap

remembering your

swollen belly.


Big belly.

You glow like mother creation!

Radiant energy bouncing off

my iris

back at you

I felt you give birth before you gave birth

like a mound of sacred yellow pus waiting to explode

all over the room–


The sweat beaded slowly

rolled down my

brow to my


fell to the


I must:

keep the steady focus

spread my fingers until the webs between them almost break

push the full weight of my

body into the floor

The Crown Chakra

a line to you



A wash and cleanse

A tend and mend

A healing quote

A soft back bend


A fluid swollen belly–

a creation destroyed to make something new

a natural quick dry

makes my soul ready for you.


I hugged you, one last time

a kiss so tender



that resume an ancient prayer

every time they move.

this tiny poem

fragmented poem

is just and only

for you.

Not Optional

Native tongues

divide behind

a lucid dream

that tries to hide–

I cannot fight anymore.

I will let go

and let you



Work Weekend Part II

Teach me to be more loving
to be more accepting
to be more aware that the thoughts that run through me run through you

And I cannot keep running away from the Source
that clearly defines peace
as an attitude of wholeness
of everyone as my

In the darkness of the womb
I pray to find clarity and continued equanimity–

the dirt beneath my bruised knees
the beach towel that protects
the sun sets beneath the rolling hills…

I want to know if the owner of the land will bulldoze the garbage
he’s dumped for years
in a place that was supposed to be a green and lush paradise
until life started happening?

and yet
and yet
and yet–

Teach me to be more loving
to be more accepting
to be more aware that the thoughts that run through me run through you
so I can really learn to love myself
and also learn to love you.

Work Weekend Part I

Scolded in the circle

behind the sweat lodge

by an elder

you said

it’s important to come on time

you said

we must offer food to the people

you said

we must help our leader

you said

we must honor our ancestors through tradition

because they will ask





On the ride home

we vented

the blackness

engulfing the car and our brains

a hot melt

in my heart:

the lesson–

What lesson can I teach?

I must share the wisdom

I’ve amassed

over time

and do

what I have

been told

to do.

Buddha Poem

I stare at you, Buddha–

on my altar

the one I broke so, so many times

cleaning up the house,

the room,

knocking you over in a haze of doom and gloom.


You are my third one,

Dear Buddha

and I apologize to you now in a way that I’m not sure how to express…


A few unique faux flowers are held in your hands, on your lap

day in and day out

the same

expression on your face

a quiet grace and solitude I can emulate.


Pink lotus lamps sit and burn beside

your left and right


Your visage bears a blankness

A respite–


Before I drift off to bed, to sleep, to mourn a day, a weep…

I pray that I can lift you in my heart

and carry you within me


and then






Who are you?

I waited so many years on this planet Earth for you.


And now you’ve suddenly

slipped away!

You tripped up your words

Our relationship begins to decay…

The curtain has been lifted


All up in smoke


The joke

is that I had you in me all along



Who are you?