Contract For Today

A soft, cool breeze flutters through my window
I need to wash my messy hair, but I don’t want to–
Slashing words and feelings like there’s no tomorrow
In order to find balance and dissolve a sorrow–

There’s clothes to be washed and beds to be made
Though I could literally sleep all freakin day–
But then I would miss the spirit, the miracle, the beautiful sway
The current, the electricity from completing the mundane–

So, here I make a contract within my poetry, within my words
That this day will be blessed, not awkward or absurd–
As my newborn eyes always thought life to be
It is now that I know about its gifts and endless possibilities–


I’m Only Human

A plunder
Masking terrors
Night after night

I watched you
Under covers
Hugging black cats
And breathing heavily

Silencing your demons
With each fresh breath
And the hungry curl
Of a cat
Beneath your arm

Her little piggie
And upheaval
Makes me forget
And reminds me
I’m only

You Don’t Like to Read Long Poems

You don’t like to read long poems

so I’ll make sure not to write one.

I’ll try to keep it short and sweet

so you can like them.

I’ll consider taking out some words

and slicing out some verbs–

might even whittle it down to



t h  i   n    g ….

at all.

New Moon

Darkness hovers over

soft spells awaken

candle flames

one inch wicks



of grass

kiss my feet

whisper something

to me


into the ground

I will gauge this feeling

and know that it is true

in the silence

of the hour

I will shed for you.

We Rise Together

Standing at the threshold of your doorstep
Locking eyes with you locking eyes with myself
We rise together
Shedding tears of my mistakes warm droplets
Reminding me of my universal purpose– the puzzle
We rise together
Following ancestral footsteps, harboring resentments
Feeling alone, neglected, isolated among thousands
We rise together
Creating the altar filling the tetrahedron with colored sand
Meditating, breathing, praying, loving, eating
We rise together
Learning to accept you for you and me for me
Sharing thoughts about ancient wisdom and divine feminine
We rise together
Showing us the parts of our internal sacred anatomy
Dancing as the microcosm becomes the macrocosm
We rise together
Setting sun winks goodbye, lights twinkle in the sky
Drumming drummers salsa moves thank you lord!
We rise together




i am a writer

in search of a topic

long fingers and fingernails

tapping letters white keyboard

technological advancements

scurrying to obscure genius

white lines and long breaths

surrendering digress

empty glass cups of water

sitting emptying flailing

monks in ancient poses closes

the apartment door

the world has been shut out

siren’s blaring distant hunger

medicine and vitamins boiling


i am a young woman

a young girl an old maid

light wood and dead plants

a red puzzle piece and wall decor

on Brooklyn streets

we gaze for more.

Waking Up: An Ode to My Kitty Zoya

Little gray cat
Sitting on my lap

Squishing my face
It’s her warm embrace

With tiny, little paws
She makes me say, “Awww!”

Now get off me you little fool.
I’m trying to get some snoozes.

Thank You

liking my own poetry

on wordpress






full of gratitude

grateful for today

thank you.