Thank You For Being You

I’m happy to eat hummus and avocado with you
(with tomatoes, onions, and salt and pepper)
on an everything bagel
The balsamic vinegar
you drizzled on top that
your sister gave us
was really yummy too–
Thank you for making me breakfast
every morning
Thank you
for being


The Race of Humanity or a Chrysalis Deferred

What does the community desire
when your gut and shit and ass is on fire?
What does the community really need
when the rest of the world is full of hate and greed?

What could I possibly, infinitely do
at this point in my short life to prove that I love you?
What other dream-like pictures could I possibly show
to make you understand my small but steady growth?

So we turn on the stage and take a deep bow
we’ve discovered enough in this journey to let it go now
Yet I’m tired from selfless and devotional service to you
Still I know there’s more, so much more to be done–

And admitting I’m weak at this point
is selfish, ugly and wrought
with too many gifts and challenges that have bought
me time, patience and love so unique,
to keep in my heart, so heady and sweet–

So goodbye to hollow friends, and sleepless, empty nights
The drama. The lying. The horror. The fights.
Caught up in your grip, its grip forevermore
I told her, I told her there’s a way out in store–

Could a butterfly be born without a subtle case
A chrysalis deferred–
No home, no place
to weave out its future
What god has a face?
This one, squeaky wings
This one wins the race–

Favor From a Friend

Who knew
after all this anger
and remorse about
lifting a finger
to help you
and sleepless nights
fighting the demons
who said deplore you
and repeating the same
“I can’t believe you’s…”
that I would find sweet comfort
in the same loving hands as mine
picking up your old, scattered and torn
things and leaving the rest behind
feeling that strangers had become
long lost friends in an instant
her voice warming
and his distance charming
as we all came together
in your time of crisis
to purge the old
and welcome the new
I’m glad that I decided to help you
Dear friend
and maybe
in the end
I’ll learn how to first say
Thank you
and not
“Not again…”
when you ask for a favor
from an old time and thoughtful friend–

Around the Corner

Around the Corner

The Gift

The hit for me
he said
is saying
you love
is saying
you feel
is saying
you would
do anything
to keep
The Gift
you’ve worked
so hard for
The Gift
given to you
by Creator
The Gift
it’s taken
you so long
to get.


your baby is ugly
that’s right
i said it
your baby is ugly
so is your face
your stupid ugly
blonde hair
blue eyes
perfect brand name clothes
and ridiculous
shoes to
there was
always something
about you
that i hated
so much
i would
never admit
it to myself
but here
i am looking
at a picture of
your baby
and he’s so ugly


What does it mean to have
especially when
autocorrect changes
“Intelligence” to “admin”?
What should I do
with said admin
breathing down my back
from a semi-comfortable distance
and a subtle smile
upon their faces
much like the
Mona Lisa
but not quite?
Dribbling from their mouths
A sordid nature
A crumb cake
A round belly
waiting to be filled with
more more donuts
or a smacking of some common core
Just rub it in
why don’tcha while
I turn my headphones
all the way

Beautiful Mother Earth

Beautiful Mother Earth