Tunnel Vision

Tunnel Vision


2 thoughts on “Tunnel Vision

  1. No professional photographer here…just a wannabe…a casual shooter at best. But I DO know what I like, and this photo has it all. Our lives are lived at the intersection of good and evil — light and darkness. This photo, to me, illustrates goodness (light) making an inroad into evil (the darkness of the tunnel). And the lady?! Well, we all know who she is! She’s there to remind us that beauty is everywhere one looks — even at the intersection of light and darkness. *smile*

    Love, love, LOVE this remarkable photo!


    • I love how you make up or are able to see what’s going on beneath the surface of the photograph. What I saw (because I remember what I was feeling that day) was total distance from the present moment and anger at feeling unsettled. I called it “tunnel vision” because those lower feelings were getting in the way of seeing the beauty of the town. Thanks for your really kind and thoughtful observations.

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