Thursday Morning

Watching you make your red prayer ties
Each small piece of fabric
a thank you
a sincere note of gratitude
a humbling wish for someone’s health and safety
The smoke from the California sage rises and
consumes the air space in our kitchen
Windows open,
I turn my head to watch the incense
burn on my left.
We’re surrounded by wafts of smells
beginning to consume almost every fiber…
Still in the transcendence (yet)
Grounded by my earthly feelings of guilt and hopelessness,
You remind me to support you on your Quest
To not be selfish and
That everything
is going to be



6 thoughts on “Thursday Morning

  1. Just perfect! The images you paint are unmatched by anyone! Color me “a huge fan”! Please forgive me for not commenting in such a long time. I just discovered that my “follow” of your blog fell into a WordPress black hole, and your poetry didn’t appear in the Reader. Grrr! I’m following again now, and “,,,everything is going to be okay”!


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