Sitting here

Sitting here waiting

Another day, another dollar they say

But I want to focus on rest

The sheer nothingness and everythingness of it

The Brooklyn apartment

Heating up in the sun

Cool “breeze” from our window ac

Listening to the soft humming of the tv

Waiting patiently

For the day to start

It already has

Oscillating between patiently waiting

And slightly less patient waiting

My small bird of a child

Comes up to me

And asks, what rhymes with moon?

And I say, soon…

We’re leaving



Missing Poems

Forgot to write a poem today
the buzzing in my veins
forbids me from sitting down
getting grounded
or letting go
So please Creator
see this feeble attempt
at expression a reminder
of my unwavering dedication to you
and that all I should do
be in reverence to you
the divine force
the heartbeat
the baby in the mother’s womb–


the voices in your head
they said
they said
that the whispering you heard
was about you
instead it was just
a small fraction of the universe
giving birth to itself
again and
again and
except you weren’t evolved enough
to accept 


Today you said
you’re really happy
to be working with me
and trust that I can
teach more than
anyone else you know–

Purple Paci

The purple paci
keeps falling out
of your mouth
you’re learning to
use your hands
to push it
back in
hungry to satisfy
your sucking reflex
happily drifting
away to
sleep land

Labor Day

The quiet of
the white room
and still I hear
your voice
too much
too much
just let us
rest in


we have to leave soon
so I shut the swing off
but you’re still sleeping
I stop for a moment and
examine your beautiful face
the pursed lips
chubby cheeks
pink eyelids that
look like I put
on you
didn’t — 

More Magic

the kitty waits
and rests in closets
as the rest rustle
and bustle around
the house
boiling water
drinking tea
talking about what
could potentially be:
should I do this
should I do that
let me show you a
picture of my
daughter in a
silly hat–
what fears remain
what joys retold
i’m sure this year
will unfold
more magic

Welcome Autumn

Summer ends
Like fireflies
Blinking in
The night
Lost as to where
They are going
Found by the lust
In a young lover’s eyes
Trust that things will be
Different this time
Faith that we’ll resurrect
In the next life–