Light as a feather

These feathers come into our lives

They drop to the ground and we catch them before they hit the pavement

Sometimes we find them on the forest floor waiting to be “saved” or enveloped in our new found love

Encased in a new symbiotic relationship

Me and you, my feather—

We often jolt our bodies back in surprise at the miracle that has floated or fallen before us

And exclaim in absolute wonder at the gift that has been selflessly given

From the bird

From the friend

From the Angel that spread her wings and allowed one light feather to drop

To me, to us, to remind us of our purpose here on Earth, I recognize a magical medallion when I see one

To Harvest, to Protect, to Invoke—

We use them in our ceremonies, our winged brothers’ feathers… thank you for your softest baby bird tendrils

Thank you for the spotted dots all a flutter in beautiful artistry

Thank you for the mathematical symmetry, the hard spine, the tough inner exterior— ?

Thank you for praying with us, gifting us, illustrating for us into the fabric of our lives and deepening the connection between our ceremony and yours…

They say the eagle feather binds us to God as he flies the highest

And here we are—

Stopping the car on the highway forever as you fly over…

Noticing the deep blue sky, the backdrop of your dance

The sun forcing us to squint our baby eyes

Not even wishing for one to fall, just total awe—

We honor you, feathers, in the way you honor and serve us…

For eternity.


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