I keep thinking of that song, you know

The one we keep replaying

It reminds me of a time when tunes sounded good

And you easily and breezily walk away to this place

That spot

I remember that time when I

Clasped my hands around your neck

I remember the thick smell of your sweat on your neck

And wanting nothing else

I look down in my white t shirt with the red collars on the neck and sleeve

So emblematic of the 90s

Our time

I miss it so and I want it back

Those warm golden sunsets

Of my youth

I remember one day just not liking you

Or was it the other way around

Such an awkward ending that seemed so monumental at the time

And here I am, not remembering so much of the details

It’s trauma still embedded into my DNA

Only time will tell

If this gets passed on

Once again—

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