Poem #1

I feel bad.
She’s having a day.
And while I am trying to disconnect
I have forgotten to watch her tiny body
Her little fingers
have roamed where they should have not
pulling the pink plastic lotus lamps away
from the Buddha
Lost in internet, lazy, runaway land
I was snatched out of it by her
walking CRY
I tell myself
she’s having a day
3X she’s touched, fell, scraped
her NOSE
1/2 and inch cuts
her mouth opens
A silent O
I know the tears
will come soon
and like Thunder
the wait time
between the first shooting pain and the cry
tells me the severity of her
unable to differentiate
between what’s just a little and
a lot
so my belly wets with sweat
as we walk
slowly home
the regular
and expected
and well known lullaby
and in no time at all
you are almost fast asleep
in almost no time at all
you were always mine
to keep–


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