The night has fallen 

the night has fallen 

And it’s time to give you a bath.

We have already taken you out

And put you down to dry 

The pink cloth wipes your ears

And dries your eyes

You cry a bit

But now you’re dressed 

Lights off

All is dark except the tiny sweet light

From your nightlight 

The pictures shine their images 

Against the wall and ceiling

A monkey 

A hippo

A few purple flowers

But the sweeter

And sweetest light is the one in your eyes

As these pure and simple images reflect in your iris

I push my forehead to your cheek

And then my cheek to your cheek

I am filled with so much love and joy and gratitude 

And I know in every single moment I experience with you 

I have to relish 

And cherish

And completely savor

As the months just keep on rushing by

Faster and faster 

And I think

How soft is your cheek

The sweetest softest soft

Pure love

Envelops all


Permeating every fiber

Every inch

Every cell

And as I sing to you one final taino 


And your eyes burn and press 

Into my mine

Your mouth widening into a rainbow smile

My own eyes fill with tears of 


For this moment

For this gift 

For this precious 





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