Pretending to use words
that mean something
as if I’m really looking at and using the words
in a way that exudes meaning
in a way that what I’m feeling actually
makes you feel something too
squinting at the computer screen
as I type
I try to mimic the flow of energy in my heart
and mind
and body
and soul
and yet the words escape me
the thoughts move too quickly
as soon as they arise and I manage to make some sense
the rest has gone and a new crop has risen
what do I need to do to keep the words so close
so near
to hope that they stay
as a child against her mother
her leg hard as a rock
or solid as a stone
the cliches last forever
the archetypes continue to ring true
what has been lost was actually freely given to you
and so I ask the words to please be soft and new
I pray that you will understand to be coarse to is to be false
and to ask for forgiveness always
even if the words don’t come out right
at first–


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