how close

a new book fell on my lap
more like a collection of
and opinion pieces
and blog posts
written by a 16 year old
and her older counterparts
She interviewed them on many
a topic
from jitters to secrets to masturbation.
As I scrutinized the first few lines
and glazed over the rest,
I found myself looking at myself
16 years ago
“clumsy and shy”–
amidst the muted pinks
and tumblr flowers
and collage of pics and doodles
kitties and safety pins
polka dots and anti-chagrin
I began
to wonder how much is me
how much is you
how much we’re all just the same
how much is new
how much further do I have to go to find
someone writing as the me I am now
how far I’ve come
how distant the teenage years seem
and yet
how close


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