To become one

Sudden changes
in the morning surge–
We wake up with
plans so sure we’d
leave the house together
I cannot take the pain
of time and long car rides
and anxieties I conjure
in my head–
What if she doesn’t sleep
and what if she cries too much–
What if I get bored and
don’t know what to say
at the round table?
The fears escalate coming
to a ricochet in my mind
spiraling up and down like
tepid lollipops circa 1985–
The clock gives some reprieve
and you come back from
buying bagels and allow
me another chance.
We leave the house
a whole day ahead
and traffic is looking good,
vibes are feeling fine.
Three hours later and
it’s nice to see our elder
and it’s nice to see a new lodge–
We bow down at the opening
of the womb and pray in
suffer in unity
forgive in solidarity
I hear his message channeling
from above and am in gratitude
as I watch him later
in the evening play quietly
with my daughter.
I think to myself
I am glad she chose this circle
I am so glad as a celestial being
she made this decision to join us,
this hoop
this sacred fire
this burning love
this spiritual journey
The Read Road
to become one–


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