The hormones
completely out of whack
swinging from one mood
to the next
I’m definitely swaying this way
I think
and then twenty minutes later
so close to the other–
What do I truly believe
I want to know
and how much of this is just
the weaning process never
spoken about
never acknowledged on the news
never covered in circles
unless you’re a mom
among other moms
and then it’s still such
a shameful act
we don’t talk
we just suffer in silence
behind closed doors
with signs that say:
both physically and
yet emotionally it is
the hardest damn pill to
And still I’m expected to go work
to perform
to pretend to care
to teach
and rats
who I forget are someone else’s
children too–
And when I do remember that they
belong to you
I’m fearful that might happen to me
and us
and why and how
could it happen?
Will it happen?
Only time will tell–
And in the meantime I
pray to you
Dear Lord
to give me strength
to show me what to do
to remind me to have faith in you
that this challenge is just another lesson
and I can really make it if I try


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