To Write

how is it that
i have not written a poem
in so many days
they pass
like whispers in the wind
disappear like cats
underneath the house
blackness enveloping
my soon to be carcass
if i do not take the moment
to stop
to breathe
to write–


4 thoughts on “To Write

  1. I love this… Every writer’s sentiment. Recently I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis and this just gnawed at my desire to write but I realised that experiencing life voraciously despite the pain was through writing and I’m back at it…. I would be a carcass enveloped by darkness if I discontinued writing.

    • Amazing because right now i am sitting in the rheumatologist office because over the last month I have been having pain in my joints!!! With new motherhood, pumping, the pain in my body it’s been hard to write but I need to find the time!!!

  2. Wishing you all the best in your writing and your new journey of motherhood. Pain makes it difficult but I guess it makes living worth it… to express your thoughts and desires. Would really love your feedback on my writing. Thanking you in advance!

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