Everything Works if You Believe It

out of desperation
and to try the “alternative view”
I went to a Chinese doctor.
His name was Dr. Wong.
He was short, 
and nice,
and wore faded brown pants. 
His office was on Division Street
in beloved Chinatown
in between dumpling houses
and hipster bars–
He asked me a few questions,
felt my pulse,
looked at my tongue.
He said “bad circulation” and
“low immune system.”
“Caused by what?”
“Hormonal imbalance,
I got some acupuncture
and cupping therapy.
He said “relax” and
let the fire work on me
sucking out the bad energy.
There was some laugher too.
He gave me some green Chinese herbs
that I need to put on my body
where it hurts
before I go to sleep
and then take them off 
in the morning
when I wake up.
I hope



4 thoughts on “Everything Works if You Believe It

  1. I had my husband read this because he’s a Western doctor (and I think it’s a good poem). He says he’s seen Chinese medicine in action and when I asked if it works, he said, “Everything works if you believe it.”

  2. Amazing because I just read that there’s no proof that cupping works so of course I’m forcing myself to believe that it does… My faith in my higher power’s ability to heal in whatever way is really strong, even if it’s just mind over matter!

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