You said it’s my grandma–

You called me into the
bedroom to see something
really special
you said

And on the windowsill
I saw
One large lustrous green parrot–

I thought
They don’t sit on
around here

In fact
They don’t fly
around Brooklyn at all–

I had never seen such
beauty so close–

My fingers shook
as I struggled to
take a picture
and so
in that instant

He flew away
but came back again
with four of his
brothers and sisters
and as a team
as one family
they gathered up
their soft green wings
and quickly
disappeared into
the early Brooklyn morning–


6 thoughts on “You said it’s my grandma–

  1. When I was ten years old I fell in love with a pair of love birds and my mother gave me an Indian Ring Neck Parakeet for Christmas instead. It died Christmas day, so my mother got a replacement from the pet store and I named him Sam The Second but he never learned a word and I had to sell him to the girl across the street when it became too difficult to smuggle him back and forth across the Canadian border. I have titled my book I wrote in 1996 “So Long Sam” about an unyielding attachment I developed to a little doctor when my mother died in 1993.

    • Wow. That’s beautiful. My grandmother had birds (and we’ve had birds our whole lives) so it was fitting that we saw them by our window. We also saw a cardinal a week leading up to my grandmother’s death and I was reading they are messengers that someone will die.

  2. I believe in the significance of birds too — in 1993 my first husband and I were visited by a chickadee while he and I were building my mother’s coffin. The little chickadee landed on my finger and on the coffin boards and eye-balled the boards as he walked along, whereupon Peter declared, “That’s your mother — ” and a spell was cast I’ve been under ever since.

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