Today is my birthday.
At one forty three
(1:43 )
I will be 32.
It is the code for “I love you”
on a beeper.
I remember my first year
teaching at a new school
listening to a pregnant co-worker
make a doctors appointment
on the telephone.
She said the date she was born
and I gathered she was 32
and I thought:
Wow, what it must be like
to be 32…
So mature
So together
So free-
Watching in my mind’s eye
in the far off aging distance
my own self
at 32–
What would I be like?
Someone else?
And here I am so many few years later
Thirty two
Officially still myself
Somewhat capable of living
Gone are the heavy branches
Grown are the beautiful leaves that ring legacies
Honestly living the most free
that I can be–


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