I Still Love You

We found throw up on the floor
and on top of the kitchen table
bits of faded brown kibble you
didn’t really digest–

Dad thinks you’re having a hard time.
This isn’t the first time we’ve seen
things out of place:

Your water bowl was completely empty
its contents splattered on the floor
slowly dieing plants now sit in the hallway
the ones that were secretly becomming
your new potty
and you haven’t slept with us
in nights, maybe even weeks?
I don’t blame you
a new creature which rivals your size
and maybe even wit (!)
has taken over this shifting household
my second life
our combined existence

I want you to know,
dear kitties,
that we still love you
even if my pats on the head
or rub of the belly
or chase around the house has become
much less frequent
and so, to end this poem
I will do all of those three things

maybe just the first two–


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