Sunday Night 7:30 pm

Running around.
A sort of frantic calm
to and fro
We’ve moved the bamboo cabinet
a little higher
and I’ve surrendered to the idea
that you don’t want to move the
towel rack a little higher too
All the while she’s crying
fixing for something more–
Now she’s up–
We’ve given her a bath
She likes the warm water
running down her small belly
her chubby arms
her fragile hair
And so more food
we diligently prepare
Almost somnambulist like
We’ve put the bottle in her mouth
I pass you in the kitchen as you
take another picture of the sunset
A bright yellow light shines through
a hole in the cloud
a message that in the mundane
we’ve found God
She’s right here
in my arms–


11 thoughts on “Sunday Night 7:30 pm

  1. Is your God My God? Humanity? I believe I am God and that I created My Daughter in My Mind and body and that mind and body are one. Also, I don’t think there’s any such thing as an original creation (such as the Universe.)

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