What is it,
little child,
are trying to tell me?
with your flowery lips
pursed as a kiss
instantly coupled
with a curt, shrill cry?
wet bottom
empty stomach
need to be loved?
I’ll gladly do all three
in a row,
over and over and over and over
for you bubs–


4 thoughts on “Bubs

  1. Just have to tell you — I started calling my newborn daughter Gubba Goo (I would chant to her “Gubba, Gubba, Gubba Goo”) and twenty years later I still address her as Gub, and refer to her as The Gub.

    • Awesome! I call her bubula every time she wakes up. I’m not exactly sure how to spell it yet: boo-buh-la? I was thinking I will probably be calling her that for quite some time! 😀

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