Saturday Morning Sleeping

Everyone is sleeping–
My dear husband on the coffee
colored bed, white shirt, blue shorts,
black socks,
hands tucked under the same coffee
colored pillow–
Resting, eyes glued for a short matter of time
slight smile of surrender to
the neediness of sleep–

Black cat in a c shape on the lilac floor
Cute button nose
She can sleep for hours and hours
hidden underneath red blankets
in hot or cold weather
We know she’s there
Her disappearing act
not quite working–

Small fragile baby in her white slated crib
the same lavender lilac adorning her sheets
the only one who is slightly stirring
her need for food not regulated yet
She can’t go hungry
Dreaming of the outer space whence she came from
Recalling the secrets she had to leave behind
Filing them away for another day of de ja vu
Communicating with another source
The umbilical cord still being cut
Slowly but surely she’ll be one of us soon
and her alien blood will almost but all disappear
hiding like a husband or a cat on the floor–


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