You prick my arms
one, two, three times
No, four times in total
over three hours.
After the first one
I find myself
squirming in the
green chair in the
small room with
no air.
I can’t get comfortable–
I put my head down on
the arm rest next to me
my feet up on the chair
in front of me
my winter jacket draped
across my chest, my infinity
scarf wrapped around my
I’m hot! I take it all off
How many more hours?
I keep checking my phone
No service
No magazines
I don’t like my book
The news is on repeat–
What is this madness
I hate everyone and everything
and I realize no, this is not working
So, I begin to pray
“Please God, take this away…”
and I remember to
surrender and almost
immediately the pain is lifted
and I feel a sense of calm
a feeling of serenity
I almost enjoy being there
As the hours pass they become quicker
I like reading my book
and now all blood is drawn
I’m done
and I can go home–


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