Mr. Holbrook

Synchronicity abounds
this weekend
in dreamy Pisces
I still see glimmers of you
images here and there
conjuring up in my mind’s eye
your soul
awakening and reawakening

You called my husband too
to take pictures of you
of things you loved–
Walls covered in love graffiti
warm, bright days
and blue skies with soft, white clouds–
Sometimes your voice and your
messages are so clear
we know what to do
and when to do it

Other times
we’re not so sure.
We don’t “currently”
have enough
access to the
ancient knowledge
or wisdom of the sages–
something you probably
have in your spiritual
back pocket by now
What were you trying to tell us
this past weekend?
Did I miss something
in the sacred hallway
or is everything just so
is everything
just right?

And your Dawn keeps awakening
in man to another
This one here, just an illusion
Caught in between
two worlds
we saw another way
we saw
a sliver of


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