Biggest Damn Puzzle Piece

It’s hot in my classroom.
The steam wafts off the radiator
I see it swimming in the air
as if we are in a safari jungle
taking a bumpy ride along
sand colored roads ducking
our heads in case of a quick
monkey attack.

The day is done, but not
quite. I’m waiting for my
husband to signal the move
from my workplace to another
where we can dine on Indian
food, his fave, my close second,
and discuss what went wrong
last night before bed and ways
in which we’ll make sure it
doesn’t happen again–

Except the fact remains
that it might just happen
The hormones keep
reaching for the stars
and just fall short of a
sort of revelation. I think
I’ve got it when I, quite,
in fact, don’t–

or maybe I do, and that’s
the biggest damn
puzzle piece
that fits
(that doesn’t fit)
of all.


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