The Capacity To

Your daughter is beautiful
I love the way she sits next
to you on the train
quietly doing her homework
with a blue pencil
while you read from your
pink kindle.

When she’s done with her work
and you’ve put away her plastic
orange travel desk
into her backpack
and realize she’s just sitting
big brown eyes blinking
you take a moment to show
her how to use the kindle
an electronic device
a tool for reading
an invention made for comfort
a contraption you are
now using for mother/daughter

and I marvel at the simplicity
of the exchange

it could be anything
how to iron
how to read
how to churn butter
how to knit
how to conquer the mind
how to take over the world
how to survive in a patriarchal
society when you’re “only” a girl–

and this is how we sustain
a timeless thread
throughout the ages
forming soft links and chains
to our ancestors
molding new ones
bequeathed to posterity–

and me
a part of that too
who knew
I had the capacity to–


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