Prayer, Friday Morning, 7:48 am

When pain outweighs the pleasure
and life seems out of place
we can call on all the Saviors,
to save our fall from grace

When we find ourselves in trouble
with nary a friend to call
we can seek the help of Martyrs
who seem to have done it all

And when we think there is no hope
and no one understands,
there’s often truth hidden amongst
the Saints who’ve walked this land–

Their teachings remain eternal
within our books, within our blood
mercilessly bonding us to our solid
stake amid the deafening floods–

Here, this time I call to you again
to nurture me in your womb
until I come to accept the duality
that life’s synonymous with the tomb–

And so, to send a bittersweet goodbye
and close this elegy
I pray that you have not died in vain
and we can honor your legacy–


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