Passing of Chapstick

You asked for Chapstick
on our way down the hill
and as I pass you mine
a vision came
the one where you and I
are with my aunt in the
Hospice room
She wants Chapstick too
and you give her your own
The Beaver brand
we just bought at Wegman’s
and it feels good to
watch you gift our loved
ones something small
A token of our gratitude
for this simple, but exquisitely
eternal exchange
because here
many years later
many tears later
many layers of decomposition later
I still honor your memory
your legacy
your love and your life
in the mundane
passing of


9 thoughts on “Passing of Chapstick

  1. My God! This is absolutely perfect! The final six lines gave me that chilling of the spine I experience when I’ve been in the presence of genius and realize how small is my poetic gift to the world. *smile* BRAVO!!


      • Thank YOU for sharing your artistry with all of us! This is only the second time I have reblogged anything, and the other was a special song to me…but not as special as your “Passing of Chapstick!” Be well and easy in your mind. — Ron

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