Ode to Vera

Black, little kitty Kat
let me count the ways
I love the way you
snuggle by my feet
at the corner of my bed
I also love the way you
roll up sweetly by my
sleeping head
A sausage cat, a cat loaf,
a cat inside a box
I’ve seen you sleep
for countless hours
with a stuffed brown
and white fox
Your swinging udders hang
like tiny, floppy patties
still you cry for more friskies
’cause you’re a little fatty
Six times a day you whine and
whine, but always get the food
Sometimes I want to squeeze
you tight, but you aren’t in le mood
You push your back against
my chest to show how much
you love me
and snurggle against all kinds
of pillows, happy, soft, and lovely
and so my little kitty Kat
with esp, telepathy, and
special healing powers
This poem’s for you and
all the times you’ve kept
me safe for hours–
and even if you don’t speak
human or understand a word
I’ve said
please know there’s always a
spot for you inside my heart
and by my head.


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