Sweat Lodge Prayer

We took you on a journey
across town, upstate, and the universe
Watching you sleep to catch up on lost time was bittersweet
as the heavy hitters took their assumed places
spreading hope and love and faith

And so the prayer began and all the children
both young and old
I watched the flickering ancient fire
fears die

I somehow managed to make her screaming baby sleep
A white wrap and blanket bundle extremely delicate to keep
One small lesson in how to nurture the universe–

Coupled with lessons from others’ irritating children
sitting next me in my own sacred moon lodge
unable to keep my prayer as they giggled in naïveté

And you–

And how much work do each of us have to do on ourselves?
How much is too much and how much is not enough?
Your slippage disturbing
My faith a crutch–

My turn to turn it over
Leaving it all in the Almighty’s hands
Please make her
and them


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